CRE-Finance LLC Describes the Philosophy of Flipping Houses

Philosophy is the entire branch of science dealing with knowledge, reality, and existence.

There is a "philosophy" to just about everything. And the business of flipping houses is no exception. Wait a minute. Isn't philosophy all about thinking? Speculation?

In truth, it is. Philosophy is from an old Greek word meaning "the love of wisdom". But it's more than that. Philosophy is the entire branch of science dealing with knowledge, reality, and existence. And philosophers do precisely what philosophy involves, which is…thinking. We can find clear connections between the hands-on and practical business of flipping houses and the esoteric science of philosophy. More than you might think.

Just as flipping houses can be compared to physics or art because the business has things about it that relate directly to those subjects, flipping houses can be related to philosophy. Follow me here, if you would…

Philosophy seeks to understand what is mysterious. If the topic is simple and easy and obvious, chances are the philosophic thinkers aren't thinking, or talking, about it. They prefer the difficult subjects. They ask questions, questions that provoke thought, and then see who can answer. Then they challenge those answers.

What in life is meaningful? Why is it meaningful? Who decides what is and what isn't? What are moral standards, and why are they viewed differently by different people? How do I know that I know something? How can I tell if what I think I know is reality? Or just my imagination?

You can see why philosophers don't get much done in a day's work.

But…there is actually value in what these people do. Think about it. (Okay, that was philosophical) When you approach the business of flipping houses, how do you view it? Why are you doing it instead of something else? After all, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. No one gets more. No one gets less. So we neglect to do things that could be done if we weren't looking for homes to flip. And this means we are making value judgments about our time. And determining what is valuable is a way of thinking. And this kind of thinking is…philosophy.

There is also a "philosophy" about how Todd Tretsky of CRE-Finance approaches the business. One considers repairing the home to be the real meat of flipping houses. Another considers the marketing as the most vital stage. And another sees the negotiation of the sale to be the biggest battle. You might look at flipping houses as an excellent use of your gifts to give back to your fellow man in better neighborhoods, and better lives. Or you might see the business as the best way of providing for those whom you love, whether it's your favorite work or not. Or, you might see the business as the most fun you could possibly have and still get paid.

It doesn't matter. They are all philosophies. They are all means of viewing the business. And they all influence the way each one does his or her work. So when you think, and especially philosophically, think about how you're thinking influences your business.

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