CRE-Finance LLC and Bridge Loans for Commercial Mortgage Financing

Consider some of these potential uses for a commercial bridge loan from CRE- Finance.

You've found a great opportunity for a commercial real estate investment but with conventional financing taking up to six months in today's tight credit markets, a short-term bridge loan is an attractive alternative for the senior mortgage piece of your capital stack. In this past quarter, we have closed different types of commercial Bridge Loans.

Consider some of these potential uses for a commercial bridge loan from CRE- Finance.

If your new property needs to close before the deal goes through, a bridge loan will provide the funds to close on this new asset. When the sale of your existing property occurs, you'll have the time to find the right traditional financing for the long term.

If you invest in a foreclosure property or off-market transactions, you need to be able to move quickly when a good property becomes available. A bridge loan will provide quick capital so you can take advantage of any opportunities that arise in your target market.
Before you are able to sell an investment property, it may need some renovation to get top dollar, or your buyer may want you to make certain improvements before the sale. Using a bridge loan will provide the cash to make the necessary repairs and improvements.

CRE-Finance provides short-term bridge loans across all asset classes. Our years of experience can help you navigate through the difficulties of getting the funds you need quickly with limited red tape. Your transaction can proceed in a timely manner without the worry of whether your long-term funds will be available before the deal needs to be closed.

With no pre-payment penalty, CRE- Finances loan can be repaid at any time. CRE- Finance can provide loans nationwide that offer you the flexible terms you need to make investments that suit your particular time constraints and investment strategies.

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